Add recipients to Gift Cards
December 23, 2023
On Gift cards online, buyers can now directly add a recipient to the gift cards purchased online!

This will allow a better user experience for both the consumer ordering and the merchant (to locate the giftcard in the BO) as well as our support team (more than 15 support tickets only last month to locate/resend a gift card purchased online)!


Easier way to locate the gift card 

The recipient gets automatically linked to the gift cart. This means that merchants and support teams can now easily locate an online gift card in the K-series Back Office without having to navigate: simply input the email address of the recipient in the search bar and the gift card will appear!

Automatically sent to the recipient

A hassle-free experience for the buyer and the recipient : Recipients will automatically receive the gift card by email!

They can then add it to their apple wallet or save it as an image on their device