API integration – Aleno Reservation Integration Improvements
August 14, 2023

Lightspeed has added many new features to our integration with aleno that allow restaurateurs to tailor their use of the integration to their existing workflows, rather than having to change the way they work. As before, the integration allows restaurateurs to combine data from Lightspeed with their reservation data in Aleno, to see guest details in the POS, and to streamline service by eliminating manual steps.


The new version of the integration includes:

  • The ability to seat a reservation in Aleno at a certain table and have a check open in the POS on the same table in Lightspeed
  • No more sending of emails to new customers with their check after the meal and linking of customers to their checks in the Lightspeed Backoffice when working with the new workflow initiated from aleno
  • The continued option to work with the reservation webextension from the POS the same as before
  • The ability to see the status of the integration in the Lightspeed Backoffice


In order to find details about the integration, navigate to the reservations page under integrations in the Lightspeed Backoffice and click more details on the aleno integration tile. If you already are using the integration, you will see the integration status is active. Otherwise you can click Enable Aleno and you will be redirected to the Aleno site where you can complete activation of the integration. Please note you must have an account with Aleno to use this integration. 


For technical details, read the Help Article