API integration – OpenTable: Do not overwrite POS Account Profile
August 16, 2023

Improvements to the OpenTable integration!

Using integrations should always make your lives easier. That’s why we have increased the flexibility of the OpenTable integration so that it does not impact your existing account profile and service charge logic while allowing you to continue using auto-check creation.


We have added a new setting to the OpenTable integration: Use OpenTable Account Profile. This setting allows you to choose between having checks opened by the integration use the OpenTable Account Profile, or to leave your existing account profile and service charge assignment logic in place.


By default when the integration is enabled, the OpenTable Account Profile will be used. This setting can be disabled directly from the OpenTable integration page in the Backoffice if you are using auto-check creation. For customers not using auto-check creation, this setting will have no impact on the integration.


In addition, we have resolved an issue where totals were not matching up between the two systems due to double counting of service charge in OpenTable.

For technical details, read the Help Article