Cover the cost of your payments 😱
January 10, 2022
Costs. It’s part of running a business – everyone has to get paid right? So let’s talk about Merchant Transaction Fees. That percentage that you have to pay every time someone pays you.

Well, guess what? Depending on where your business is located, you might be able to pass on these costs to your customers. This is a super common practice in places like Australia and New Zealand.

How does it work? All right, so imagine I have just walked into a burger joint called Barge Burgers and it cost me $20 for a burger and fries. Barge Burgers usually have to pay 30 cents for me to pay them. But instead, they have enabled Surcharging via Lightspeed Payments. So instead, my burger and fries cost me $20.30. A small increase that makes it much more profitable for Barge Burger to keep their doors open and cover other costs in their business, like those amazing deep-fried pickles I love 🤤

You can enable this today as a merchant by contacting support! Just make sure to check your local laws and regulations first to make sure you are all good in the hood to do so!


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