Introducing Back Office 2.0
September 8, 2021
Changing the Back Office is a huge undertaking that won’t be completed in a month – or even a year. But don’t worry, Back Office 2.0 updates will be released step by step, until the renovation is finished.

What does that mean for you?

  • Moving ahead one upgrade at a time. Some pages appear new and improved, while others keep the old look.
  • Securing your data and functionality. Nothing will be deleted or lost, we promise.
  • Consistently delivering more (and better) tools to support your business

New functionalities tailored to your needs

Benefits available now:

Work faster with more intuitive menu navigation

  • Left-side selection keeping all pages accessible
  • A new, top-level tab called “Menu management”
  • A single landing page to handle all reporting


Create menus easier and save time with POS previews

(Menu Management > Menus)

  • Drag and drop screens and sub-screens
  • Menu previews on iPad and iPod
  • Simultaneous button creation

More clear customer overview

(Customer > Customers)

  • New look – same functionalities
  • See important details of a customer at a glance

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