Item management redesign
April 5, 2023
Spend more time perfecting your menu–and less time administering it


Managing your business’ catalogue of menu items can be daunting-we’ve redesigned the items page to make creating and maintaining your items simpler. With a more intuitive Back Office layout, and new functionality and options, you can now focus less on item admin and more on the good stuff (like dreaming up that new summer feature).


What can you expect from the new item management page?

  • Quick-add items to menus and edit existing items
  • Access relevant information in carefully-organized tabs 
  • Easily execute bulk actions for multiple items at once
  • Manage items’ associated price types and lists
  • Add statistical groups, manage cost price stock 
  • Capture dietary information
  • Enable/disable item-level settings like fractions and production center instructions 

We’ve also made the item library more flexible with features like advanced filtering, sorting, search and column editing. 


See the new items management page in action:



Item management redesign is part of the latest K-Series release. For technical details, read the Help Article.

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