Order Anywhere – LS payment as a payment provider
March 31, 2022
LS payment integration to Order Anywhere will allow you to have an all in one solution by having one unique payment provider (LS payment) for in person and online payments.

How does it work?
If you already have LS payment setup (with your payment terminal), you will see it as “configured” in Order Anywhere.
To activate it, go to the Order Anywhere admin back office and toggle LS payment to activate it (if you had Stripe activated, it will automatically deactivate Stripe from the online payments and activate LS payment instead)

If you don’t have LS payment :
LS payment will show as a setting with a “Learn More Now” call to action which will allow you to get in touch with our LS payment team who will provide you with a quote.
Once your LS Payment contract is signed and LS payment is activated you’ll be able to activate it in the Order Anywhere admin panel with the toggle.

Similar to the Stripe implementation, the following features are available:
Payment for later date orders (pre-auth)
Refund via the POS or the Back-Office will refund the guest
Failed order pre-auth release

LS payment is available in : Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, UK and the US.


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