Order Anywhere – Introducing Scan and Pay !
June 23, 2022

Scan, Order, Split and Pay are now all possible with Order Anywhere ! 

What ?

Scan and Pay is a functionality which will help our merchants offer a fast, reliable solution for dine-in contactless payments.

Guests simply scan the QR code and pay right from their smartphone. No waiting time for the bill. No apps. No downloads. No friction.


Value added for our merchants :

    • No more waiting  time for taking payment: Scan & Pay reduces the waiting time when taking payment, adding value to the guest checkout experience.
    • Reduce the stress and time-consuming action of splitting payments: by giving the guests control of splitting the bill,  taking payment and adding tips themselves,
  • Powerful real-time order updates for both guests and staff.
    • Orders added via Order Anywhere or from a waiter are synchronized immediately so guests are able to see all orders easily via the app (without any need of refresh).
    • Once a partial payment is made, the order total is automatically updated.
    • Guests can easily view the activity log informing them of what was added to their table order and what was paid, reducing the amount of time staff spends at a table.
  • Fast checkout (20 seconds to complete payment!)
    • No need to set up an account or register details, guests can pay the moment they are ready.
    • Scan and Pay is web-application accessible from any mobile device with internet connection



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