Order Anywhere – Item Availability
March 20, 2023
Need a quick way to tell guests which items are on–and off–the menu? 

Easily let guests know about unavailable items with the new Item Availability feature. With a simple click, you can set the status of out-of-stock items to “snooze” in Order Anywhere. The system is instantly updated, and browsing guests know which menu items aren’t for sale (and for how long).   Best of all, no management intervention is required. Any member of your team can update items. 

What can you do with Item Availability? 

  • Snooze items for a set time or indefinitely
  • Bulk snooze groups of unavailable items
  • Manager-free assistance–any staff member can snooze/unsnooze items
  • Automatically hide snoozed items from 

         Order Anywhere profiles   Play the video to see it in action!


For technical details, read the Help Article.

The Item Availability feature is part of the latest Order Anywhere release.

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