Release Note – August
August 31, 2022
Back Office

Date: August 26, 2022

Updates this week include the following system improvements:

  • New Back Office 2.0 updates:
    • When exporting the Product Mix Report, the columns in the downloaded CSV file now appear in the same order as the columns in Back Office.
    • We improved the Apaleo integration so that users can map Apaleo sub-accounts to Lightspeed accounting groups per POS Configuration.
    • We fixed some issues:
      • Users can now access a shared menu in Back Office and then switch to another location without encountering an error.
      • We solved an issue where service charges taken on a few select days in August were not appearing in the Business Report.


Date: August 12, 2022

Updates this week include the following system improvements:

  • New Back Office 2.0 updates:
    • We added missing fields (Tax identifier, Fiscal code, and Destination code) to the Customer details page for Lightspeed users in Italy.
    • When switching business locations through the navigation menu, locations will now be listed alphabetically.
    • When configuring devices and setting a device role, the Ghost role has been deprecated and is no longer available.
    • Back Office alerts now only appear for users with [BO-CONFIG] and [BO-WRITE] permissions. This change prevents other users from receiving alerts when they don’t have sufficient permissions to fix them.
    • From the Receipt builder tool (Configuration > Printing > Receipt), users with owner permissions will now see a button to Replace with the company name.
    • We fixed some issues:
      • When hovering over the Shift Results graph on the Back Office Home page, the number of covers now displays as expected.
      • Clicking Tutorial videos through the Help menu now links to the expected YouTube playlist.
      • We fixed an issue affecting the Product Mix Report where sorting the report sometimes caused items to appear twice. Additionally, using the Search bar to find items in the Product Mix Report now consistently yields results.
      • Users can now reliably access customer order history through the customer profile by going to Customers > Customers > selecting a customer > and clicking View beside Transactions.
      • We fixed some issues affecting the Condensed version of the Business Report. Cash is now consistently tracked in a way that aligns with other reports, and the Print report button works as expected.


Point of Sales

Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 4.1.48:

  • When using Pay at Table via  Lightspeed Payments we recently added the option to print a check. Check printing now correctly considers the setting “Only allow one draft receipt per account”.
  • We fixed an issue where items that require an amount input no longer ask for production instructions.
  • We fixed an issue where you were able to add additional production instructions even after removing one of the ordered items. 

Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 4.1.47:

  • We’ve improved and redesigned the flow to link and transfer a table from the ‘Actions’-button on the POS. 
  • For Pay at Table via Lightspeed Payments, we’ve added an option to print a check via the terminal before entering the Payment process. This can be helpful to facilitate potential bill splits guests would like to perform. Please note that the check is not the final receipt. 
  • We fixed an issue where the status of the order in the order preview was not updated when a draft receipt is printed.
  • We fixed an issue where customers have an invalid total amount after processing blocks.
  • We fixed a bug where some transitory accounts were not closed properly and caused exponential duplications of that account.