Release Note – December
December 31, 2023

Back Office

Date: December 6th, 2023

Menu Management > Menus:

  • Fixed: Moving a sub-screen without buttons into a main screen no longer results in sub-screen deletion. It is now added to the main screen.
  • Fixed: Deleting the first main screen won’t leave you stranded. You’ll automatically be taken to the new first main screen.
  • Fixed: For some customers, their main screens will no longer appear as sub-screens during edits.

Menu Management > Items:

  • Fixed: Multiple-priced items won’t make prices disappear when you add more prices per account profile after clicking on Save.
  • Fixed: Clicking on ‘Items’ from the Accounting groups page now filters items as expected.
  • Improved: Statistic groups can now embrace their ‘numbers-only’ value.

Configuration > Floor Plan: 

  • Fixed: Floor plans can now be deleted, even if an old online order is still holding onto a table

Printing > Printers: 

  • Improved: For STAR printers, the ‘Disable status check’ setting is now enabled by default. 

My Account:

  • Fixed: When billed via Salesforce, we now hide the subscription and invoice pages (only if you’re invoice-free in the Back Office) 
  • Improved: If you have old invoices created via the Back Office (and not Salesforce), they’re now visible to the customer.


Point of Sales

Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 23.49.0:

  • [New] Users can now access Bar Tabs from the Order Management screen when using the Restaurant POS app on an iPhone or iPod.
  • [Resolved] We fixed an issue where splitting a bill sometimes caused table numbers to display incorrectly on the Order Management and Table Preview screens.
  • [Resolved] We fixed an issue where items priced by weight would, if added to a sale by scanning a bar code, appear on the receipt with “quantity” depicted by a fractional number instead of the expected unit of measurement.