Release Note – December
December 31, 2021

This version includes system improvements and updates:

  • [Update] The order list is now customizable. When clicking on ‘filter’ you can choose which columns should be visible. Coming soon we’ll add the ability to change the order and to filter
  • [Update] Confirmation banners are now visible at the top of the POS when a task is completed successfully (e.g. when adding a discount, completing a sequence, etc.)
  • [Update] You can enable manual search for your PMS. Go to Back Office > Configuration > Settings > Payment method and activate it for your PMS or Charge to Room payment method
  • [Update] Search for items using its SKU
  • [Update] When using an Adyen payment terminal, customer signatures can now be viewed in Back Office reports
  • [Bug fix] Orders created by other users are again visible in the orders list
  • [Bug fix] We fixed an issue where the production instructions were printed too small on the docket
  • [Bug fix] On the KDS, each ticket is now removed when bumping it off or when there are 0 items attached 
  • [Bug fix] We fixed the option “Sort line on dockets option” to again sort with the item receipt name and with the docket name
  • [Bug fix] You can again delete a sub-item from a sequence without deleting the entire order
  • [Bug fix] You can no longer transfer a table without the correct permissions
  • [Bug fix] We fixed a few issues with the Customer Facing Display (CFD):
  • [Bug fix] We tackled a few issues related to the advanced bill splitting feature
  • [Bug fix] We fixed an issue where an account was missing items if you cleared the payment screen