Release Note – February
February 28, 2023
Back Office

Date: February 24th, 2023

Beta Center

We have released a new concept called the Beta Center. This area moving forward will be where our users can engage and enable feature that are currently in Beta as well as the other following option;

  • Disable a beta feature themselves without the need to contact support
  • Provide feedback directly in product about that feature
  • Access help articles for the feature
  • Early access to upcoming special features


Date: February 23rd, 2023

In the last few weeks we tackled several bugs in the K-Series Back Office:

  • In the new POS Configuration > MEWS section, we now show the name instead of the ID
  • On the new items import and LS Accounting page, the save button is visible again (and not blocked by the chat button)
  • When creating a new customer, the primary and secondary address are saved from the first time
  • We are doing some performance improvements and as a first, sharing combos (updating the status from local to shared) with multiple locations is going much faster now On the Sales dashboard the amounts are automatically updated when changing the dates
  • And finally, we did some menu improvements:
    • You can again import and export a menu from the Menu overview page
    • When doing updates in a shared menu and it fails, you will now see the reason(s) as well


Date: February 21st, 2023

Control customer emails settings for online orders

We updated the logic of the customer “Allow email notification” behavior for the Order & Pay API:

  • For new customer records: by default, the allow email notification setting will be set to FALSE when new customers come in with an order request (no checks sent after payment)
  • For existing customer records: by default, new online orders will not change the existing setting – whatever the setting was before the order came in will remain
  • Partners can now explicitly set what they want to happen with the “emailNotification” variable for to go and local order post requests (“ENABLE” “DISABLE” or “DONT_CHANGE”) in the consumerInfo object


Completed support for multi-priced items via API

We have added an endpoint to get account profiles to the Order & Pay API so that the particular prices by account profile can be selected in third party systems without manually having to transfer the account profiles

API documentation: get account profiles


Point of Sales

Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 23.7.0:

This version includes system improvements and updates:

  • [New] When table support is disabled in your POS Configurations and items are sent to the kitchen or bar, users can now access the ‘Order’ tab at all times. This means that even if table management is disabled, you can still go back to any order and finalize it. 
  • [New] You can now transfer items to seats after they have been sent to the kitchen or bar. This update offers users more flexibility and control over the ordering process. 
  • [Improved] We improved scrolling through item buttons when there are multiple buttons on the same screen, making it easier to quickly and efficiently find the items you need. 
  • [Resolved] We fixed an issue where the POS wasn’t reopening accounts from the last closed period as expected. This fix ensures that all accounts are properly carried over to the next day.


Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 23.5.0:

This version includes system improvements and updates:

  • [Resolved] We fixed several issues that were causing the application to quit or close unexpectedly. Users should now have a more reliable and stable experience.
  • [Resolved] We fixed an issue that resulted in the app freezing when a Combo was added to an order and then a large number was entered on the keypad before selecting an item. 
  • [Resolved] We resolved an issue where if accounts were left open at the end of the day, they were not being carried over to the next day as intended. Accounts left open at the end of the day should appear the next day automatically, as expected.


Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 23.1.0:

This version includes system improvements and updates:

  • [New] Users can now see all printer targets on the POS (mobile & iPad)
  • [Improved] When starting or ending a shift, the current weather is retrieved and pre-selected thanks to Apple’s weather service, based on your business’ location (iOS 16 only)
  • [Resolved] We fixed an issue where linked table icon was not displayed after we linked a table to another 
  • [Resolved] We fixed an issue where it was possible to link a Bluetooth device and not be able to disconnect it from the App in some cases 
  • [Resolved] We fixed an issue where the pick up time was not good in the Orders tab when updated
  • [Resolved] We fixed an issue where combos were not merged on the customer receipts in some cases

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