Release Note – June
June 30, 2022
This version includes system improvements and updates:

  • [Bug fix] When disabling the sales restriction on the POS, a dummy number of ‘999’ was shown. We removed this so no counter is visible
  • [Update] A sequence can now be merged on a production docket as well.  Go to Back Office > Configuration > Configurations and enable the setting ‘Merge items on production dockets’ 
  • [Bug fix] We fixed an issue where the app freezes or significantly slows down when adding multiple sequences to an order. Adding sequence(s) to an order will now go faster and smoother.
  • [Bug fix] We fixed an issue where the button restriction was overwritten when adding an item via the item search on the POS.


Back Office 

June 24, 2022

Updates this week include the following system improvements:

  • New Back Office 2.0 updates:
    • We added more data widgets to the Sales dashboard, including a cash report, a top-selling employees widget, a widget to see the most popular payment methods, and more.
    • We fixed some issues:
      • Sharing a menu from one location to another now mirrors button positions so that the layout is identical to the originally shared menu.
      • When editing the menu screen via Menu management > Menus, you can now sort Sub-screens and menu buttons using

June 16, 2022

Updates this week include the following system improvements:

  • New Back Office 2.0 updates:
    • We deprecated Console Back Office to bring users updated features and a modernized interface with Back Office 2.0.
      • When users try accessing Back Office with the original Console URL, they will be redirected to Back Office 2.0.
      • We added an option to the Help menu: “Having trouble with Back Office 2.0?” This option, when clicked, prompts users with a brief survey to gauge any potential issues. After completing the survey, the user will receive a link to access Console Back Office without being redirected.


Back Office

Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 4.1.44:

  • If a production docket (kitchen ticket) is lost, a permitted user now has the option to reprint it for the kitchen or bar. To enable this permission for a user or user group, go to Back Office > Configuration > Users > POS Users > Enable “User can reprint production dockets.”
  • We fixed an issue where shaking the iPod to cancel selected items would cause the POS to crash.
  • We fixed an issue where the POS refused an API payment task but still added it to the receipt, causing multiple payments to process.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 4.1.43:

  • We fixed an issue where several buttons on the Register screen were missing or greyed out, regardless of whether the users’ display settings were set to Light or Dark mode.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series)  4.1.42:

  • Lightspeed Payments customers using Pay at Table can now toggle tipping on the payment terminal via Back Office > Configuration > Configurations > Edit > “Enable tip on the payment terminal (when supported).”
  • Order notes will now appear on dine-in orders made through an online ordering integration.
  • We’ve improved the design of the Open Order Preview page.
  • For Swiss customers, the TWINT payment method will no longer ignore tips added to checks.

We fixed an issue where check totals were incorrect after transferring discounted items to another table using “Browse tables.”

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