Release Note – May
May 30, 2022
  • This version includes system improvements and updates

    • [New] You can now disable the printing of production dockets when transferring an item, course, or table. From the Back Office, go to Configuration > Configuration > Edit, and disable “Print production docket when transferring table.”
    • [Improved] Users in Germany will see an alert banner stating “Fiscal configuration is missing” when using the POS with invalid fiscal configurations.
    • [Resolved] We fixed an issue where, in Pay-at-table mode, some orders that were paid for on the PaymentSense terminal would stay open on the POS
    • [Update] We’ve added support for two new printers! The Star TSP143IV and Star mC-Print 3 are now supported on the POS. 
    • [Bug fix] We fixed an issue where weighted products displayed their weight as fractions on receipts rather than decimal numbers when using a scale.
    • [Bug fix] We fixed an issue where, after enabling Prompt cover count in the Floor plan settings, the prompt to add covers to a table wasn’t always popping up.
    • [Improvement] We addressed an issue where, in some cases, a payment that has been approved on a payment terminal would not be registered on the Account on the POS. If such a situation occurs, the App will show a dialog that includes an option to retry linking the Payment to the account.
    • [Bug fix] We fixed the rounding issues when splitting a receipt. 
    • [Update] Under ‘Settings’, the Device sharing page now shows an overview of all connected peer devices and open accounts.
    • [Bug fix] We fixed an issue where the groups or items of a sequence were always added to the first course. 
    • [Update] Across the POS and Back Office, ‘sequence’ is now called ‘combo’ for clarity.

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