Release Note – October
October 31, 2023

Back Office

Date: October 23th, 2023


  • The CMD+K search is now available for our customers in the Back Office! Just use CMD+K (Ctrl+K for our Windows users) or click the magnifying glass icon on the left to start searching.

Configuration > Users: 

  • The ‘Identifier for local orders’ (also needed for PaT) on the POS users is now included in the import as well. The same rules still apply: the id needs to be unique per user.

Location Switcher: 

  • The location selector in the manager and POS Admin were not sorted in the same way. They are now both sorted in the following way:
    • Alphabetically from A-Z
    • We only show the active locations (inactive or disabled locations are n longer displayed)

Menu Management > Menus: 

    • We made performance improvements under the hood and now Menus should load much faster!

Date: October 13th, 2023

  • Configuration > Users: The ‘Identifier for local orders’ (also needed for PaT) on the POS users is now included in the export. The import will follow soon.
  • Oh, and two last little things about Menu Management > Items:
    • The share all local items-button is back! Customers can update the sharing status of all items from local to shared, without selecting or enabling them one-by-one (can be found on top of the item library page under ‘More actions’. As a result, we removed the ‘feedback’-button)
    • The filters are now kept ‘active’ at all times! As long as you are logged in, we keep the filters; even when you go to another page and back. If needed, the user can remove the filters manually.
  • Reports: Service Charges are now visible on the Business Report condensed view. Service Charge sum is displayed in A.Summary-section, under Net Sales, and Tax Collected.

Point of Sales

Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 23.43.0:

  • Improved the toolkit to bring you a better user experience

Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series) 23.41.0:

  • Improved: The term “Account” has been changed to “Order” to improve clarity. This change will be implemented on both the POS and Back Office.
  • Resolved: We fixed an issue where the check could print the wrong amount on discounted items.
  • Resolved: We fixed an issue for some customers when canceling a receipt caused an error.