Release Note – September
September 30, 2021

This version includes system improvements and updates:

  • [Update] To improve the user experience of the Order Lists, we added search and sort features to all columns
  • [Update] Orders are now split between Dine-In and Pickup/Delivery for improved navigation
  • [Update] You can change the font size of the production docket. Go to Configuration > Printing > Production Center in the Back Office to adjust the font.
  • [Bug fix] Production instructions will merge again on the production docket 
  • [Bug fix] The pin code for sensitive actions works again
  • [Bug fix] We fixed an issue where the POS crashed when you tried to refill and pay for a gift card with a payment terminal
  • [Update] We improved how split quantities are displayed on screen
  • [Update] When there is an invalid number of covers for a check, we display a popup so users can enter the correct number of covers
  • [Update] German customers using a fiscalized POS can now access their unsigned transactions information for the past 24 hours. The timeline showing offline periods can be found in the ‘Settings’ menu under ‘Fiscalization’ tab 
  • [Bug fix] We fixed an issue where after removing one discount item, the receipt was still showing a 0.00 discount