User Enabled Surcharging for LSPAY
February 10, 2023
Cover transactional costs with User-Enabled Surcharging

As a business, you incur fees each time your customer makes a credit or debit transaction. Now you can pass some–or all–of the cost onto the customer, in the form of a surcharge.

Configure surcharging with ease, and without manual support, in your Back Office. Simply open a payment method record, activate surcharging, choose a payment type and select the amount. If you no longer need the feature, uncheck the option and save to deactivate it.

See User-Enabled Surcharging in action:

User-Enabled Surcharging is now available in Australia, U.S. and Canada. U.S. and Canada merchants: contact your account manager to enable this feature. 

For technical details, read the Help Article.

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